Types Of Parenting Styles: A Brief Guide For New Parents

Types Of Parenting Styles

There are four different types of parenting styles. Each one has a unique effect on children and their life. Psychology gives us logical reasoning for people’s behavior. Often we find a person’s behavior not aligning with their words. They are repeating their mistakes again and again and intentionally hurting people. No matter how hard we try, we fail to develop a healthy relationship with certain people. The problem could be both them and us since no one person is perfect.

But we all can be better if we were raised better. It’s time that the current generations think and ponder on how to raise capable children. With all the knowledge and guidance available out there, it will be a matter of shame if we also fail to raise happy children. Much of it depends on how we are as individuals. The parents, who don’t connect to themselves, will project and raise children who lack self-esteem and suffer from mental health issues. So let’s talk about the right way of parenting below.

Types Of Parenting Styles: Authoritarian

Types Of Parenting Styles for you
Types Of Parenting Styles: A Brief Guide For New Parents

This is a very common parenting style that has been passed for centuries, perhaps. In this type, the parents are more about running a military camp then a household. They have less to no knowledge of a sense of self and least about parenting. Usually, adults looking to find meaning in their lives and fulfill their innate needs are in this parenting type. They are obsessed with their children obeying them no matter what.

This is a very conflicting situation as with time; children from such households develop resentment towards their parents and lack a sense of self. Most of their adult life and life generally direct all their energies in anger and hatred towards themselves and their parents.

They have a hard time to focus on their lives and move ahead. They struggle a lot with discipline when they want to imbibe good habits and suffer from anxiety, depression, and insecurity issues.

Types Of Parenting Styles: Permissive

As the name suggests, there are no strict rules and regulations in the house in this type of parenting. Parents believe that they should give their children all the freedom without understanding the value of rules and limits. In such a household, the parents believe the kids should be left to do whatever they wish to do.

Types Of Parenting Styles you must know
Types Of Parenting Styles: A Brief Guide For New Parents

They do not discipline their children and teach them good behavior. As a result, the child grows up with low self-esteem and struggles academically and career-wise.


To sum up, I want to talk about the third parenting style, which is uninvolved, where the parents have no idea what is up with their children. There is no one to guide the child through difficult times, and parents expect them to raise themselves. In most cases, there could be mixed parenting at different times, which confuses the child even more. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that parents take the traditional form of parenting style.

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