The Pros and Cons of Authoritative Parenting style

authoritative parenting styles

Authoritative parenting the very word embeds the essence of this style of parenting. The parent words carry weight, and realistic expectations are set by them. However, there is surely room for positive discussion and a level of tolerance. This should not be confused with authoritarian where expectations were high while rewards and affection were minimalistic. Such was the only parenting style earlier where the words of the elders were gospel as the access to information was only through them. In other words, they were also known as strict parents. However, with humans coming through ages, the world, perspectives, access to information, social life, etc. has all changed. Thus parenting styles have also undergone a lot of transformation but again, there is no one style that would be applicable to every kid.

The Pros of Authoritative Parenting Style

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Clarity – Here, the communication top to bottom. There is absolute clarity of what the set of rules are. There is no ambiguity of things to be done and not to be done. Precise instructions and steps are laid out without much scope of deviation. Such clarity helps in many routine tasks, goal setting and the energies are more focused.

Responsibility – Such parenting style builds in a notion among kids that they are responsible for their decisions. Since parents take responsibility for the decisions that ingrains into the child and, in the long run, tend to develop better decision-making skills and assume greater responsibility.

Respect – Such parents trust their kids more. They understand their privacy and allow them to fall and rise. They are also generally appreciative of the child’s work. This build-up respect between parents and kids. Such kids then mix well with society and learn to respect others.

Goal is Driven – Such parenting style generally leads to a goal driven adult. As the kids understand the expectations and also the consequences of non-achievement, they tend to be more goal-driven.

The Cons of Authoritative Parenting Style

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Rebellious Child – If the authority is not balanced it may lead to a rebellious child. Each child seeks independence. As they grow, the urge to break away from certain set rules, comprehending certain consequences sets a rebel in them. If the pressure is high, the child may turn rebellious, and the chances of delinquent behavior adoption are higher.

Low Self Esteem – Being brought up in a very controlled environment of authoritative parents, the kids generally have less room to make their own judgments. This constricts their self-esteem, and they feel low on that count.

Overload – Authoritative parenting style requires a lot of time involvement from the parent. They have to be more involved in school activities, overall well-being, and also flexible to adapt to change.

Parenting has always been a tricky subject. It is neither one set rule nor a short term project. Each minute, each day, a child gets nurtured, and each child responds differently. No one style will suit everyone. Applying, changing, resetting, and researching from sites like and moving ahead in a constant trial to make things better is the only course of action that can be followed.

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