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Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Parents

Newborn Baby Care

A newborn baby needs lots of care and attention from the parents. They thrive on it. To care for your newborn baby, we have put together some tips and techniques that you can take help from. Usually, new parents are always very nervous and curious about their baby. The child’s fragility makes them get on their toes and overly protective in holding and taking care of the baby.

The baby’s delicate body needs to be taken utmost care and gain as much knowledge as possible. Your doctor will let you know the dos and don’ts while you bring your newborn to your home. But we have put together a few to help you in your nursing process.

Newborn Baby Care Handling

A hand holding a baby

Usually, we are not equipped to handle a delicate and fragile body, and when the time does come in, we get very nervous. It is good to hire a nanny or baby sitter who has expertise in handling newborns in such a scenario. Moreover, you can get your friends and family to come over and assist you for a couple of months. This way, you will get some time to get used to handling your newborn baby and setting it into a daily routine. Once you get used to the tiny things, parenting form then on will be easier.

To add some suggestions, you must wash your hands and dry them every time you have to hold your child for some activity. Newborn children do not have strong immunity and can catch germs and viruses very quickly. Make sure that you maintain a high level of hygiene until your child grows into a kid. Moreover, it would help if you held your child’s head and neck while lifting for various purposes.

Newborn Baby Care While Bathing

Bathing your little one is one of the trickiest activities you will face after feeding. However, you cannot bathe your child until they are a few months old. You can only start bathing them once or twice in a week when their umbilical cord has dried and fallen off. If you bathe your baby every day, you might risk dry skin and other illnesses.

Give a sponge bath to clean your baby’s body every once in a while. Start tub baths only when your baby feels comfortable and after he/she is over one year old.


Apart from all these, ensuring that your baby is getting over sixteen hours of sleep is essential. It is natural for a newborn to sleep that long, and you do not have to worry about it. Keep feeding your child a little bit of food every three to four hours. The reason is that the newborn has a very little stomach that can hold very little food.

Therefore, they can take only a certain amount of food and digest them quickly. Sometimes you even have to wake them from sleep and feed in the middle of the night.

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