How To Soothe Your Teething Baby -

How To Soothe Your Teething Baby

Teething; You might get excited with the thought of your baby starting to get their first tooth. However, things can escalate so quickly once they start to feel how painful it can be. Having their first tooth coming can be totally uncomfortable, hence they need you to soothe them.

Keep in mind that every baby is different and some of them get their first tooth early a little late. That is why it is necessary for you to figure out some of the best to soothe your teething baby.

How To Soothe Your Teething Baby
How To Soothe Your Teething Baby

Look For The Major Signs: Teething

The very first thing you must figure out if they are teething and it can happen between 4 to 7 months old. Signs and symptoms obviously vary depending on the baby and some of the most common ones are them being fussy. If your baby is at this age and they are acting a bit fussier then usual, it might be because they are teething. 

Try to check if their gums are swollen and tender. There are also some babies who find it difficult to feed and they might get a bit of a fever as well. Another big sign is if they are drooling way more than they used to and if they are trying to choose on almost everything. If ever your bay has way more severe symptoms like lethargy, diarrhea, rashes, and vomiting, always consult your doctor. 

Try Cold Food: Teething

If you want to try to soothe your teething baby, you can always try to give them some cold and healthy foods. This is one of the most common ways parents usually go for since it usually works. Some parents try to give their babies a cold pacifier as well as a cold teething toy. There are also some who try to wash their kid’s mouth with a clean and cold washcloth. 

There are now pacifiers available in the market wherein you can put some frozen sliced fruit in it so the baby can suck it. If you are still nursing your baby, try to dip your finger and massage their gums before they try to feed so that they can feel comfortable. This will help ease the pain and may also prevent them from biting you while they nurse.

How To Soothe Your Teething Baby
How To Soothe Your Teething Baby

Watch Out For Teething Accessories

Some parents believe that teething necklaces can help soothe a teething baby. It is not actually recommended by pediatricians since it can be quite dangerous and poses some risks. These necklaces can choke your baby accidentally and if the beads break, your baby may swallow them. If you want to try it, you can always put it on their ankle and you got to watch them when they wear it. 

Check With Your Pediatrician

It is normal for your baby to start teething at this age, but it is always best to check with your pediatrician on what you can do. Every baby’s case is different if our baby has unusual and severe symptoms they need to get looked at right away.

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