How To Effectively Start Baby Weaning

Baby Weaning; One of the best parts of motherhood is when you get a chance to breastfeed your baby. That is because it will create a special bond between you and your child and it can such a wonderful experience for mothers. It is also a way to ensure that your baby will get all the essential nutrients since breast milk can provide it all.

However, there will come a time when your baby must learn how to eat solid foods as they grow. That is when baby weaning must start, but how do you effectively do it? If you are a new mom who wants to start baby weaning her baby the right way, then just keep on reading.

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How To Effectively Start Baby Weaning

Look For The Signs: Baby Weaning

According to pediatricians, it is necessary for babies to consume breastmilk as they grow. Although the age varies in every mother, it can be very tough for those who really committed to it. Almost every mother tries to breastfeed for a couple of months to a year, so when it is time to start weaning, it can be quite challenging. 

The first few things you need to figure out is if your baby is ready. Most women choose to start baby weaning once teething has begun for obvious reasons. However, be sure that both you and your baby are ready for the sudden change. 

Wean Carefully: Baby Weaning

Some mothers think that by simply trying to make your child eat solids would mean that weaning will be easy. This is surely not the case for every mom especially those who never bottle-fed their babies. Do not forcefully stop your baby from breastfeeding since it can be very stressful for them and it will stress you out as well. Spend some time with them so you can be their emotional comfort. 

It is also ideal to try and make other people, like your partner or other members of the family, to feed them so they would not depend on you. It is also advisable to not offer them to breastfeed and not always give in when they want it. You might want to cut back on breastfeeding sessions by trying to do it a few times a week instead of every day. 

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How To Effectively Start Baby Weaning

Prepare Yourself

Baby weaning may focus on your baby but it will also involve you. Your baby might have to be ready for it so he or she could get used to it, but the same thing goes for you. Keep in mind that your body will continue to produce milk since it knows you are still feeding your child all the time. You might want to pump a few times to get the milk out and add it to your baby’s cereal or bottle.

Make Sure Your Baby Is Nourished

It is also important for you to make sure that while you are trying to stop your baby from breastfeeding, they are still getting nourished. Pick the right kind of baby foods for your babies and it is always best to go natural. They now need as many vitamins and minerals since they will not have milk to sustain it anymore.

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