Co-Parenting Quotes to Help Separated Parents

Co-Parenting Quotes

Co-parenting is the best method for divorced or separated parents as shown by the following Co-parenting quotes. It is not easy parenting. There’s no written guidebook on raising a child for first-time parents. It’s hard to get through. It can get harder once two partners separate, becoming two separate entities raising the same children.

Such a situation not only makes it harder for the parents to cope but also for the children. Exes learning how to co parent, if they do not get along, could be a great alternative for the children.

Our comprehensive collection of motivational, wise and enlightening co-parenting sayings and quotes from a Miralda of sources through the years.

Co-parenting Quotes from Celebrities  

Co-Parenting Quotes For You
Co-Parenting Quotes to Help Separated Parents

“We always do bedtime together every day. We feel like having a lot of togetherness is ideal and the good thing is that we never stopped loving each other and we are also the best of friends and this is how it works. ” – Sienna Miller

“If we had a good relationship, my husband and I would be together even now. However, we had different ideas of exactly what we wanted out of our lives and so we decided that moving on was best. Nevertheless, we are capable of rebuilding something that works best for our kids.” – Kate Hudson

“Parents cannot always put their needs first whether they are married or separated. The kids experience must be their own and not about a parent wanting alone time. That is something that both of us have been great about.”– Ryan Phillippe

“Our son has to get the best and that means you have to go through your personal egos and never speak ill of each other.” – IdinaMenzel

“I have photos up of Wiz and me in our kid’s room so that he sees his parents happy together. We always do our best to have family days even if we are separated. Kids always love when they see both parents together and that is why separated parents need to be friends for their kids.” – Amber Rose

“But in the end of it all, we have a great son who has two parents who love him very much. And we found ways to manage it while staying as friends and being good to each other.” – Chris Pratt

Co-Parenting Quotes For Parents
Co-Parenting Quotes to Help Separated Parents

“”I am very happy because my ex and I are good friends and I talk to him every day. Our daughter continues to grow and see two different people who respect each other. We may not be a traditional family, but we are a family and I tell her that, and that families are of all shapes and sizes, but [family is] love and I saw that it really flourished because two different people healed. “– Angela Kinsey


Parenting is similar for normal both for average people and for celebrities a like as can be seen from these Co-parenting quotes. It’s not easy co-parenting your kids with you ex. It needs you both to get over the negative emotions and hurt feelings that resulted from or to the failed relationship.

However, the sacrifice is worth it if you prioritize the children’s needs. Focusing your energies on your kids and providing them with the best nurturing and upbringing that you can make it easier.

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