4 Major Parenting Styles That You Might Be Doing

Experts have broken down different parenting styles to identify the specific type that each parent falls on. This research was conducted to be able to find out which parenting styles actually raise their children the right way and which styles actually don’t. Although each parent basically has a particular way of bringing up their children, there are still similarities that they add in with others.

Some experts actually say that parenting styles affect not just the kids’ character and personalities, but also their relationship with people. If you want to find out which style you have been using, then just keep on reading.

4 Major Parenting Styles That You Might Be Doing
4 Major Parenting Styles That You Might Be Doing

#1 Authoritarian: Parenting Styles

Some parents tend to be extremely overprotective to the point that they are very controlling and strict to their children. Obedience is what they always teach their kids and so rules in and out of the house one must always follow otherwise there will be consequences. Authoritarian parents always require their kids to do as they say and usually this does not work out very well. 

There are tendencies wherein kids, especially when they reach their teenage years, would want to fight for their freedom. Adolescence is the stage wherein they would want to make decisions of their own and do things on their own. It may work out well for some but experts say that this is not exactly the best parenting style because there is no balance. 

#2 Authoritative

When it comes to the best parenting style, then experts would have to go for the Authoritative one. It is popular to be a mix of Authoritarian as well as Permissive since it brings a great balance when it comes to parenting. Authoritative parents still have control, but they could negotiate especially if their kids’ thoughts and feelings are involved.

The communication aspect in this parenting style is ideal and that is what makes it the best one. Kids with authoritative parents tend to have more freedom but they would still have that respect to follow their parents’ orders and advice.

#3 Permissive: Parenting Styles

This parenting style, on the other hand, is popular to be a laid back one. That is because permissive parents tend to simply go with the flow and do not have much authority towards their kids. These are the kinds of parents who are most likely to spoil their kids which is why it is not exactly an ideal balance. Kids with permissive parents might think that they have older friends rather than parents.

4 Major Parenting Styles That You Might Be Doing
4 Major Parenting Styles That You Might Be Doing

#4 Uninvolved

Finally, this last parenting style is popular to be one of the most ineffective ones simply because it does not involve any sort of care. Uninvolved parents usually do not communicate with their kids often since they are too busy.

They are also most likely just providing their kids money instead of spending time with them. There might be different causes of being uninvolved but this might lead to the kids to seek attention. Kids with uninvolved parents usually get in trouble at school or simply have poor grades.

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